ST24 has reached 2 years anniversary since its release. *
The number of strategies also reached 8,053 recording the world top product line.
Therefore, we would like to select and award the Grand Prix strategy of 2013 examined by both customers and panel of judges.*(as at Nov 15th 2013)
We will present an elegant trophy for the Grand Prix winner provider. Also we gift “Kachi-FX Calendar” to the voters!
The votes closed! Thank you very much for your support!
ZAi FX-TV on Dec 20th (USTREAM) will be broadcasted on this website as well!

Top10 Strategies for Nomination!

Strategy Developer Total(Yen) Status Votes Provider

Overview & Process

Live Award broadcasted by ZAI FX-TV

The judges carefully evaluate the nominating strategies which have been chosen.
Vote for the best strategy you think for the year of 2013. The Nominating Strategies will be elected

Award Prize

New status icons are given to Nominating Strategies and the Grand Prix Winner!
The Grand Prix Winner 2013ダミー The Nominating Strategyダミー

Judge’s Profile

Ms. Michiko Kawai
Ms. Michiko Kawai 
Worked at former Tokyo Bank (latter: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank) and researched ruled-line analysis under Mr. Eishi Wakabayashi since 1980. While she flourished as a customer dealer within the bank, she has also been known as an outstanding Forex strategist. People often admire her Forex critics based on ruled-line analysis. She is currently in charge of CEO and Forex strategist roles under Wakabayashi FX Associates Co., Ltd. TV program: Nikkei CNBC “Derivative Market” & “Stock Voice TV (every Friday 10:15am~)”
CEO at Wakabayashi FX Associates Co., Ltd.
Mr. Masashi Hamabe
Mr. Masashi Hamabe 
Mr. Hamabe took many roles in producing the best sales series such as “Company Encyclopedia!”. On March 2000, he published “Diamond ZAi” and made an innovation into the financial magazine industry. Currently he is actively participating to edit magazines and digital contents.
“Diamond Co., Data Book” Chief Editor
“ZAi online” Web Editorial Department
Nadav Levi
Nadav Levi  
Nadav Levi Nadav Levi is Tradency’s Marketing & Business development director and is responsible of the Strategy Team. Nadav graduated from “Ben-Gurion” university with an Economic and management degree and is currently finishing his MBA degree from the “Peres Academic Center”. Since 2006 Nadav was intrigued by the speculative finance industry, specifically the foreign exchange market. Nadav holds a CTA license with the NFA . Nadav joined Tradency in 2007 And has been working in the Company’s headquarter in Israel.
Tradency’s Marketing & Business development director
Mr. Yoshiro Hayashi
Mr. Yoshiro Hayashi 
1977 Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan
2002 Graduated from the Master of Architecture at Tokyo Science University.Worked at Dentsu Tech, Dentsu, Recruit Co., Ltd.
2008 Founded Terrace Co., Ltd. in 2008.Mr. Hayashi learned all local automated trading languages. He currently develops software and demonstrates online seminars.
CEO at Terrace Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shinobu Hayakawa
Mr. Shinobu Hayakawa 
Born in 1968.Graduated from the Bachelor of Business at Japan University.Worked at Japan Softbank, Car View Co., Ltd.Founded GoGo Jungle in 2007, operating Forex social network website named fx-on.com.Mr. Hayakawa has a slogan of “The greatest investor’s knowledge to everyone”. His company provides automated trading software designed by Forex investors and system engineers, e-book and social network website focusing on individual investors in order to improve investment skills and knowledges
CEO at Gogo Jungle Co., Ltd.
山本 克二(やまもと かつじ)
Mr. Katsuji Yamamoto 
Born in 1960 Investment software analyst Professionalism: software development & statistical analysis Mr. Yamamoto researches the Forex and futures throughout automated trading programs. He demonstrates unique trade techniques. He is admired with the understandability of his mathematics based analysis. Website: Forex Blog System Trade Research Lab http://www.k22fx.com/
Investment software analyst
Mr. Takeshi Kawazi
Mr. Takeshi Kawajii 
Born on December 3rd 1974 Graduated from the Bachelor of MIS at Babson College October 1998 Joined Refco Overseas Ltd. (England) April 2000 Joined Kobe Securities Co., Ltd. (latter: Invast Securities Co., Ltd.) Department of Sales, IPO consulting and Corporate Planning February 2007 Managing Director January 2010 Chief Executive Officer
CEO at Invast Securities Co., Ltd.
Strategy Team
1974年12月3日生まれ(福岡県)。米国 Babson College MIS 学科卒。
1998年10月 Refco Overseas Ltd.(英国)入社。
ST24 Developing Team

Provider’s Profile

Tradency Co., Ltd.

Head office
Lior Nabat
Tradency Co. provides the world highest quality of strategy platform, serviced as Mirror Trader. The platform gathers strategies all over the world throughout individual developers and assesses for at least 1 month in order to adopt the strategies with proven results.
Number of Strategies:over 1,500
Major Strategy:ThirdbrainFX and etc

Terrace Co., Ltd.

Head office
1-9-12-220 HIgashigumo Etou-ku, Tokyo
Yoshiro Hayashi
Financial Instruments Business Operators (Type1/Type2)
Terrace Co. operates a unique website where 117 professional program developers competes each other in order to create automated trading programs. Only 40% of the developed strategies are carefully selected by us and Invast examines further to be installed on ST24. ST24 has the background execution system provided by Currenex which deals with 24 currency pairs. We found it to be very valuable in terms of risk diversification. Therefore, we try our best to produce strategies being compatible with multiple currencies.
Seminar Movie Website
Number of Strategies:1,453
Major Strategy:Krakyen and etc

Auspice Co., Ltd

Head office
Sanful Nishi-Shinjuku 6F, 7-11-15 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Katsuya Yamamoto
Financial Instruments Business Operator (Type1/Type2) Corporate Profile
We are “Automated Trading Company” which provides the trading signal services named “TOPSCOLA” and Forex automated trading service at the public market. Main members are from inter-banking industry and we have investment advisory license. Our engineers are working everyday to develop new trading models and services, and to improve existing services. We will focus on a support for individual asset management throughout informational services based on “Probabilities”, and aim to contribute to our societies. The “Auspice” means “fortunes”, “advanced support” and “decisions for market movements”. We hope to achieve those meanings by our services.HomePage Number of Strategies: 510 Major Strategy: TrendEater60
Number of Strategies:510
Major Strategy:TrendEater60

Gogo Jungle Co., Ltd.

Head office
MA Building 7F 4-2-5 Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Shinobu Hayakawa
Financial Instruments Business Operator (Type1/Type2) Corporate Profile
We operate a social network website named fx-on.com (Forex) and nk-on.com (Nikkei 225) where 50,000 investors visit monthly. The website presents a ranking for system engineers with professional investment background, the automated trading programs and ebooks assessed by users. Visitors are also able to make purchases. We aim to invent a market where investment information and its quality dynamically overcomes the former market, by gathering informational products and services throughout individual investors and facilitating recent innovation caused by social networking revolutions towards the investment area.
Seminar Movie Website
Number of Strategies:349
Major Strategy:Aznable++

ST24 Strategy Award 2013


The customers elect the nominating strategies out of all strategies in ST24. The panel of judges then determines the Grand Prix winner and other awards from the nominating strategies.
A Grand Prix trophy and other recognitions are given to those awards.
Selection Process
1. Nominating Strategy
 Top 10 nominating strategies are elected by customers.
 -Eligible Customers:Those with ST24 live trading accounts (1 vote per customer)
 -Eligible Strategies:All Strategies installed in ST24
2. Selection Process  Panel of judges examines the nominating strategies and select the awards.
Time Schedule
Nov 22th (Fri) Customer’s Election opens. Votes are registered at MyPage.
Dec 13th (Fri) Customer’s Election closes. Nominating strategies are determined.
Dec 16th (Mon) Panel of Judges starts examining.
Dec 20th (Fri) Awards selection live-broadcasted by ZAI FX-TV.
Award Prize
The Grand Prix Winner 2013 Trophy
The First Prize Winner 2013 Commemorative Shield
The Good Concept Strategy 2013 Medal
The Special Recognition Medal
-“2013 Award” status icon will be given to those nominating strategy at ST24.
-“The Grand Prix” status icon will be given to the Grand Prix Winner at ST24.

Panel of JudgesThe judges below select the awards

CEO at Wakabayashi FX Associates Co., Ltd. Ms. Michiko Kawai
Chief Editor in Division of Financial Information
Diamond Inc. Mr. Masashi Hamabe
Marketing Director at Tradency Co., Ltd. Mr. Nadav Levi
CEO at Terrace Co., Ltd. Mr. Yoshiro Hayashi
CEO at Gogo Jungle Mr. Shinobu Hayakawa
Investment System Analyst Mr. Katsuji Yamamoto
CEO at Invast Securites Co., Ltd. Mr. Takeshi Kawaji
ST24 Strategy team
 ●The Grand Prix Winner 2013
 ●The First Prize Winner 2013
 ●The Good Concept Strategy 2013
 ●The Special Recognition
■Important Notice
1.A vote is essential to obtain the calendar.
2.Voters without ST24 accounts at the end of the vote period will be excluded.
3.Your comment with the vote may appear on our social network website such as Facebook and Twitter.
4.This award may change or cease without notification.