Making the world a better placeMaking the world a better place

We create innovative financial solutionsWe create innovative financial solutions



Why we do business

Making the world a better place

Our mission is to make the world we live in a better place. A world where people who really need support can get exactly the support they need. A world where people who work hard and take what they do seriously can enrich their lives. A world where talented, motivated students don't have to give up on their dreams because of financial difficulties. A world where everyone can accumulate the assets they need to be happy. A world where people who need money can get the money they need through economic activities instead of the conventional schemes such as relying on donations and goodwill. Our mission is twofold: creating solutions that help people around the world navigate the financial challenges of their life plans and helping as many determined, aspiring people as possible secure opportunities for personal betterment. Through our financial solutions, we want to keep guiding people toward happiness - the foundation of a better world.


What we want to achieve

Creating financial solutions with a global base of 10 million users by 2025

In our work, we have a clear goal: to make the world a better place by providing people all across the globe with financial solutions that enable happier lives. Achieving that goal means building on our base of asset management offerings to create financial solutions for the wide array of different stages that make up people's lives from childcare and education to career development, marriage, and asset formation all around the world. As we aim to help more and more people find answers to problems, our focus is on building a broader user base for our financial solutions and expanding the scope of our business and sales. From our position in the financial market, we will actively incorporate ever-evolving technologies, continually question conventional wisdom, and always seek to lead the way in innovation that maximizes customer convenience and customer value. We are determined to grow into a global company with a global user base, an organization that brings together exceptional human resources from around the world to fulfill their responsibilities as true professionals, formulate ideas for realizing their shared vision, make informed decisions, and translate those plans into effective action. That endeavor begins with the effort to create financial solutions with a global base of 10 million users by 2025.


How we expect our employees to
approach their work in striving to
make our vision a reality

How we expect our employees to
approach their work in striving to
make our vision a reality

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Our Services

At Invast Securities, our services are based on a core concept: providing services that we would want to use ourselves and recommend to our families.
We kept asking ourselves one basic question—what can Invast Securities do to make our clients satisfied? After exploring all the different dimensions of that core idea, we arrived at a conclusion: the "intrinsic value" of what we offer our clients lies in our commitment to developing solutions that we would want to use ourselves and services that we would recommend to our families.
What kinds of services would we want to use ourselves and recommend to the people closest to us? Services that embody integrity, deliver transparency, and provide value to the client.
For Invast Securities, "integrity" represents our most important value and the root of our corporate culture. At Invast Securities, all employees will continue to work tirelessly toward our goal of providing services that we want to use ourselves and recommend to our families, provide real value to our customers and bring customers surprises and inspirations.

Management Team

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management team striving to achieve
our vision

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How our employees approach their work in striving
to make our vision a reality



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