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“At Invast Securities, integrity represents the root of our corporate culture.”

On behalf of all the employees at InvastSecurities, allow me to express our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support.

After getting our start as a conventional, local bank-affiliated securities business, we at Invast Securitiesgradually grew into a general securities firm, served as the lead manager of initial public offerings for startups, and eventually secured a listing on the JASDAQ Exchange in 2006. We then proceeded to withdraw from the conventional securities market, shifting our focus toward providing online services for foreign exchange margin trading (FX) and other derivatives. In 2012, Invast Securities established its first overseas subsidiary in Sydney, Australia, and began expanding its financial derivatives business into the global market.

Our core goals are to provide investors with financial services that embody integrity, to maintain a consistent, client-oriented perspective, and to make our services a source of wonder and inspiration for ourclients. In our eyes, offering services that provide a “source of wonder and inspiration for our customers” means offering services that “go above and beyond ourclients' expectations.” We have always concentrated on how we can deliver smarter, more creative services, worked to perceive things from clients point of view, and kept our sights fixed on evolving into the future, channeling clients input into meaningful improvements.

In July 2016, we laid out a new Mission, Vision, Value framework in hopes of empowering our corporate identity and taking our operations to new levels. Our fundamental corporate value system and culture, encapsulated in the “Mission, Vision, Value” ideal, drive our corporate-level decisions and reflect the quality of our company. We will continue to make our enduring commitment to integrity, the root of all our corporate activities, always striving to provide services and solutions that fill clients with a sense of security, wonder, and joy. Thank you again for your valuable support and guidance.

The Invast Securities philosophy: Mission, Vision, Value

President and Representative Director Takeshi Kawaji

President and
Chief Executive Officer
Takeshi Kawaji

Mission, Vision, Value

Mission, Vision, Value

Global footprint

Invast Securities has a strong presence here in Japan and thrives to expand its business to provide exceptional financial services globally.

Our vision is to become an organization that attracts high caliber employees from around the world who thrives under the leadership of its best professional talent, and continues to change, evolve, and provide new value as a truly visionary company.

In February 2012, we founded Invast Financial Services Pty Ltd. (IFS), a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia that represents our first venture outside of Japan.

IFS has been providing sustainable financial services in over 10 countries for the following sectors:

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IFS management profiles

  • Gavin White

    Gavin White

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Yuichiro Omura

    Yuichiro Omura

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jon Leung

    Jon Leung

    Chief Operating Officer

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Corporate Information

Company name Invast Financial Services Pty, Ltd.
Head office Level 37, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Capital 10,000,000 AUD
Main business activities Financial services

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